Headless Wasabi Daemon


The default of how to interact with your Wasabi wallet is the graphical user interface (GUI). There is also a headless daemon where you do not run a resource-intensive GUI, but only the command line interface. Running the daemon minimizes the usage of resources (CPU, GPU, Memory, Bandwidth) with the goal of making it more suitable for running all the time in the background. The RPC interface can be used to interact with the Daemon.

The daemon is included in the package starting from Wasabi version 2.0.4open in new window and can be launched using the command line.

The desktop app (GUI) is built on top of the daemon. Meaning that command line arguments/variables can also be used to configure the desktop app.

The available startup parameters can be found at the Starting Wasabi with parameters pillar.

How to run

If the package is installed

Depending on your operating system, open the command line and execute:




cd /Applications/Wasabi\ Wallet.app/Contents/MacOs


cd C:\Program Files\WasabiWallet

If building from source code

Open the terminal, navigate to the WalletWasabi.Daemon directory (inside the cloned repository) and execute the desired commands.

$ dotnet run


Run Wasabi Daemon and connect to the testnet Bitcoin network.

$ wassabeed --network=testnet

Run Wasabi and connect to the testnet Bitcoin network, with Tor disabled, accept JSON RPC calls, ignore P2P transactions, and store everything in $HOME/temp/wasabi-1 directory.

$ wassabeed --usetor=false --datadir="$HOME/temp/wasabi-1" --network=testnet --jsonrpcserverenabled=true --blockonly=true

Run Wasabi and open two wallets: AliceWallet and BobWallet

$ wassabeed --wallet=AliceWallet --wallet=BobWallet

Check the Wasabi Daemon version

$ wassabeed --version
Wasabi Daemon 2.0.5